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We put your needs first with our installation, variety of products & our customer service.

New windows and doors improve the energy efficiency and aesthetic of your home, but it is a big investment and can be overwhelming to sort out all the alternatives.

Mountain View Installations

We have samples of many manufacturers and go over the pros and cons of each to help you choose the right window.

Window manufacturers and their dealers make their money selling windows.  Their salespeople are trained to tell you why that window is better than any another.  Their focus is the window sale — installation is an after thought.  Most companies just ‘slap’ them in, which undermines your investment in the project. Contact us to learn about the MVI difference.

How We Are Different...

Mountain View Installations


We’re not a ‘this window is best’ pitch.

We help you select the right manufacturer to fit with your priorities for style, energy efficiency, budget, etc. 

Mountain View Installations


We are the best at what we do –
installing windows & doors.

Protect your investment with a best-in-class installation.